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The Liqueurs category of the Bagnoli Group catalog offers a wide selection of premium spirits, each with its own unique identity rich in tradition. This exclusive collection includes distinctive beverages such as Apè, American Ginger, and Iceberg vodkas, along with the renowned Bitter and many other exceptional spirits, all rigorously produced within the competent walls of the Bagnoli Group distillery.

Apè stands out with its sweet and aromatic flavor, ideal for refreshing cocktails or as an aperitif. American Ginger, with its vibrant and spicy taste, is perfect for those who love intense and bold flavors. Iceberg vodkas, known for their crystal-clear purity and smooth taste, represent excellence in distillation, while the famous Bitter, with its perfect balance of bitterness and aromatic notes, is essential for both classic and innovative cocktails.

Each product in the Bagnoli Group’s Liqueurs category is the result of a meticulous selection of ingredients and a distillation process that follows both traditional and innovative methods, ensuring superior quality and taste. This range offers connoisseurs and spirits enthusiasts the opportunity to explore authentic flavors and immerse themselves in the rich distilling traditions of Italy.