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The Distilled Spirits category of Bagnoli and Targa Ilva Zita distilleries represents excellence in the artisanal production of spirits, the result of generations of craftsmanship and dedication. This exclusive collection offers a surprising variety of spirits, each created with traditional methods combined with modern innovations, expressing the art of distillation at its finest.

Among the gems of this collection, we find a range of products ranging from refined gins, bottled with essences of citrus fruits and flowers grown in Italian soil, to crystal-clear vodkas, distilled to achieve unparalleled purity. Each spirit is carefully crafted to ensure a unique flavor profile and superior quality, making them perfect for both neat sipping and as a base for sophisticated cocktails.

Bagnoli and Targa Ilva Zita distilleries, with their commitment to using local ingredients and cutting-edge distillation techniques, not only produce high-quality spirits but also contribute to preserving and innovating the distilling traditions of their land. This category of spirits is a true testament to their work, offering spirits enthusiasts a window into Italy’s cultural and gustatory heritage.