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Dolce Vita

The “Dolce Vita” Gin from Targa Ilva Distilleries embodies the essence of the Mediterranean spirit, a distillate of pure elegance and refinement. This unique gin is produced through a meticulous distillation of selected spices, fragrant roots, juicy citrus fruits, and delicate flowers, all strictly harvested in Italy. Among the distinctive ingredients, the zest of lemon and orange blossoms, sourced directly from the lush gardens of Campania, stand out, giving the gin an irresistibly fresh aroma and a lively flavor.

Created by the Targa Ilva family, the “Dolce Vita” Gin is the result of a deep passion for the art of distillation and a devoted celebration of Italian heritage. Each sip tells a story of tradition and modernity, reflecting the family’s love and dedication to their country. Perfect for those seeking an authentic and high-quality tasting experience, the “Dolce Vita” Gin is a tribute to Italian taste and the sweet life it represents.