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Iceberg Vodka e Botanicals

“Iceberg” Vodka & Cannella, Vodka & Zenzero, Vodka & Miele, Vodka & Menta Ice, Vodka Ginseng & Guaranà, Vodka & Caramello.

Iceberg Vodka & Botanicals is a return to the ancient liquor tradition, replacing fruit with medicinal herbs and spices. Its unique aroma is imparted by infusing the right blend of botanicals into vodka. It follows the method of prolonged induction of botanicals, for a gentle and aromatic perfume.

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21% vol - Litri 1 / 0,7

cartoni da 6 bottiglie

19 cartoni x 4 strati = 76 cartoni


Bagnoli Distillerie blends tradition and innovation to craft superior quality spirits. Renowned for its aromatic gin and pure vodkas, the distillery utilizes locally sourced ingredients selected to ensure an authentic and refined tasting experience, celebrating the art of Italian distillation.