Syrups and Semi-Finished Products

La Frutteria

"La frutteria" is an innovative product in the field of mixing. Thanks to the use of first-choice natural concentrated juice, "La Frutteria" is characterized by a greater-than 100% percentage of pulp and juice. "La Frutteria" as a semifinished fruit product keeps the fruit taste intact in all its natural characteristics. It's a great base for frozen cocktails, aperitifs and long drinks. The professional "Speed bottle", thanks to its custom handle dispensing cap, enables quick and precise dosage minimizing waste and trouble. "La Frutteria" is suitable for the preparation of "FROZEN", a modern processing technique that involves the use of fruit, liquor, spirits, ice, and the use of an electric blender. The use of the blender allows for a mousse and ice and product. A cool and inviting drink to be consumed year-round, especially in the summer. "The Frutteria" is also routinely used in fruit salads and ice cream, alongside traditional shaked cocktails, enhancing aromas and flavors.

Key West & Citrus

KEY WEST® Key West is made of natural concentrated lime juice from Florida and is an ideal ingredient for cocktails and long drinks. It is of great value to Barmen because it offers them an ideal substitute for the often elusive and expensive lime. Citrus is a 100% ready-to-use lemon juice ideal for many occasions. It can be used as a dressing for salads, fruit salads, fish dishes and for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks. Moreover if it is diluted with water and ice, it can be used to prepare a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink.

Brown Sugar Syrup

Liquid brown sugar for professional use. Brown sugar syrup is used on many occasions: it’s the perfect sweetener for long drinks and cocktails, makes fruit salads, desserts, ice cream, italian ice and yogurt tasty and flavorful. It’s perfect to prepare ice coffee and ice tea.

Voglia Di…

Syrup with a high aromatic taste, rich in juice and fruit pulp. Ideal for thirst-quenching drink, water-ice and popsicles. Excellent on ice-cream, in milk shakes and fruit shakes.

Flavours: Menta Piperita, Arancia Sicilia, Limone Sicilia, Amarena, Fragola, Granatina.

Voglia di Sambuco

Pure sugar syrup, obtained by the infusion of elder flower, with the addition of lime peels. It’s the perfect ingredient to make “Hugo” aperitif cocktail, tasty “italian ice” and other many long drinks.

Goji Oro Rosso

The "Goji", also known as the "Tree of Life" is an evergreen shrub that grows in Tibet, Northern China and Mongolia. Its berries are bright red and exhibit exceptional health properties. It's a great large-spectrum antioxidant and it's rich in a particular Vitamin C, only found in this fruit: the AA-2betaG, who plays a unique role in fighting free radicals. Furthermore, Goji berries perform a specific hepatoprotective action. It's naturally rich in Zinc and helps the maintenance of a normal testosterone production, which stimulates libido. From its berries we obtained a natural Goji extract that we use in the unique and original Goji-extract syrup "Goji Oro Rosso".