Spirits Made in Italy

Crema di Menta e di Cacao

Both these Bagnoli liquors are excellent sweet liquors, produced exclusively using natural flavours and cereal based alcohol. They are important ingredients for a variety of cocktails and long drinks such as 'Alexander' and 'Stinger'.

Blu Curaçao

BLU CURAÇAOis a traditional liqueur whose name derives from the well-known Island of the dutch Antilles. It is in trade in different types: white (or triple sec), red, blue and green curaçao. It is necessary in the assortments of liqueurs and all bartenders should get it. It is useful for cocktails and long drinks.


From the traditions of the antique “Coffee Shops” in Venice, this Coffee liqueur has been created from the hydroalcoholic infusion of the best varieties of coffee adding sugar and natural aromas. Otello can be tasted neat or can be used as an ingredient in various internationally known cocktails, like “Black Russian” and “B 52”.


Sambuca is the classical italian aniseed liqueur. Sambuca Imperiale Bagnoli is made from Badiana anethole, high percentages of which are found in the essential oil of anise and fennel, from which it is extracted by fractionated distillation. The particularly refined, new packaging enhances its perfect transparency which is due to the exclusive use of extra fine castor sugar in the preparation of Sambuca Imperiale. You can drink it neat or with the classical «fly»: one or two coffee beans in a small glass. It is particularly refreshing and thirst-quenching in summer if drunk with water and lots of ice.

Eau d’Orange

This liqueur is made from an infusion of Sicilian orange peel with a pure distillate of cereals and refined sugar beet. The robust alcoholic content makes it an ideal base for many cocktails and long drinks. Also excellent drunk neat with two cubes of ice.

Miami Club Rum & Coco

The perfect match between the best Rum of the Caribbean with a characteristic sweet and delicate taste of coconut in this unmistakable liqueur. Drink it dry or with lots of ice to remind you of the magical atmosphere of the Caribbean islands.

Carioca Licor de côco

CARIOCA “Licor de côco”, a typical liquor of Brazilian origin which is appreciated and enjoyed world wide. It is produced through the infusion of coconut flesh in alcohol which captures the characteristic flavour and aroma of the coconut. It is an important ingredient in the preparation of cocktails and long drinks. Try on ice as a refreshing drink on a long hot Summer's evening.

La Venexiana

A cream liquor made using fresh cream from the high pastures of Asiago and the best pure malt whisky. Our unique technique gives La Venexiana a smoothness and creaminess which is particularly appreciated by the Ladies.


Liqueur obtained by water-alcohol infusion of green melon pulp. SARURI is particularly indicated to prepare a lot of cocktails and refreshing long drinks.


A new idea, a new concept in vodka tasting. After the harvest of jasmine and elder flowers, strictly by hand, and the right maturation, follows an accurate washing, drying and infusion in pure wheat vodka. The maceration of the flowers occurs at a precise and constant temperature of 40°C celsius, and lasts five days. Then, the flowers are separated from the vodka. The flowers themselves, soaked with the maceration liquid, are squeezed with the appropriate hand-operated winepress at low pressure and the resulting liquid is added to the vodka. Distilled water is then added to lower the alcoholic volume. A twofold filtration process then follows, the first employs medium-weave filtration panels to keep the aroma intact while the second is called "brightening" and its purpose is to obtain a perfectly transparent liquid. We suggest tasting MYFLOWER iced in its pure form. MYFLOWER is also perfect mixed with lemonade, tonic water, Red Bull and abundant ice. MYFLOWER VODKA & SAMBUCO is the perfect base ingredient for the popular aperitif "Hugo", allowing for a perfect balance of aroma and sweetness.

Iceberg Vodka & Frutta

«ICEBERG» VODKA & FRUTTA is obtained from the best pure grain vodka adding juice of various plants and fruits. It is a liqueur with strong fruity perfume and flavour, smooth and soft taste. Flavours: Iceberg Vodka & Peach Iceberg Vodka & Strawberry Iceberg Vodka & Lemon Iceberg Vodka & Melon Iceberg Vodka & Mint Iceberg Vodka & Ice Mint Iceberg Vodka & Green Apple Iceberg Vodka & Caramel Iceberg Vodka & ICE FRESH It can be served straight, well chilled, or added to longdrinks. Very popular “ICEBERG-SODA”: Peach Vodka and Lemonsoda.

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