International Spirits


Liqueur based on Absinth with a characteristic and unmistakable taste of anise. There are many legends surrounding this particular liqueur appreciated in France by many artists in the beginning of the twentieth century and later drunk all over Europe.

Tierra Caliente

TIERRA CALIENTE Carta Blanca is exclusively made from the distillation of the Agave “Azul Tequiliana Weber”, a succulent plant of Mexican origin. This spirit has an intense almost spicy aroma. Marked flavour with strong alcoholic note.

Ron Havana Añejo 5 años

«Havana Caribbean Plantation» Añejo 5 años Has an elegant mahogany colour that tends towards amber initially and then greenish gold, and it clings to the sides of the glass spreading over it like fine dew at dawn. Savour its bouquet with the intense aromas of liquorice, cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla.

Ron Havana

«Havana Caribbean Plantation» Silver Dry is a pure distillate of the best sugarcane that has ripened under the Caribbean sun. It is a young rum, which does not undergo ageing and has a smooth flavour with a delicate sweet aftertaste.

«Havana Caribbean Plantation» Reserva Especial 3 años is a pure distillate of the best sugarcane that has ripened under the Caribbean sun. It has a light amber and golden colour with warm orange hues that are given by the slow ageing method in small oak barrels that lasts three years. The best barmen in the world use this rum for preparing numerous cocktails, including “Mojito” and “Cuba Libre”.


The Rum Josè Martì comes from Barbados which is known throughout the world as ‘The Pearl of the Caribbean’. The calcareous soil of the island which is formed of volcanic ash and coral sands is particularly suitable for the cultivation of the sugar cane. The sugar cane is processed in enormous cylinders and the juice is boiled in gigantic boilers then lightened and purified with charcoal. The syrup is then reduced by passing it through a series of ever smaller boilers until it is placed into large copper and terracotta containers where the molasses and sugar are finally separated.
Available in two variants: "Blanco del Caribe" and "Anejo del Caribe".


Yankee An original Bourbon Whiskey, distilled in Kentucky (USA) by the traditional “Pot still Process”. It is aged in charred American White Oak casks for over 5 years. Dry with slightly almond aftertaste and warm hints of walnut and vanilla. “Yankee on the rocks” with a single lump of ice is the classic way to savour its unmistakable aroma. “Yankee & Cola” is a long drink favoured by the younger drinker.